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As you, my friends, asked about my second book, I am delighted to tell you the publisher, Dorrance, has just released it. Since I am no Dan Brown but just an insignificant guy, and my story is not about anyone's code, every single REVIEW is oxygen for me! So, I would be hugely appreciative if you would be kind enough to spare just a few minutes, to write a short review of my book and post it on AMAZON? If you are feeling exceptionally kindly towards me, you could also copy and paste it to GOODREADS. I honestly can't tell you how much it would mean to me. This book is a pure labor of love (the result of 3 years research in the U.S. National Archives), but combines elements of a mystery story, detective story, love story, war story, thriller, tragedy and history - whew! The e-book is available from Dorrance Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble besides bookstores and online stores served by the Ingram Spark network. The paperback is now available at the Dorrance Bookstore but will shortly be on all the other outlets too. 

Since some of you asked, my earlier book, “Red Road Across the Great Plains”, is also available on Amazon and all the other outlets.

For more information and background, you are always welcome to my website

Thank you for giving my humble request your consideration - as you can see, your review really would mean that much to me! 

Warmest good wishes,   Chandra

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